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Monday, May 24, 2010

Oh my oh my.... Decisions

Yep...  Decisions, with a capital D!

It has been a long time since I updated this blog.  If you don't read my other blogs, a lot of things have happened.  First off we made the big move from Wisconsin to Washington State about a month ago. I gave the kids the choice of checking out the public schools or just continuing to homeschool. 

Well, we didn't even really go check out the schools.  But we've decided to continue to homeschool, we're at least going to give it one more year, at least. 

We spent the last year "deschooling" - taking things easy.  We have done work, don't get me wrong.  Working on reading with Noah and Cal has been working on his math and stuff.  We've been trying to do some catch up.  Noah still doesn't like to "work" per-say but he's going to have to start doing his work because this year we are going to become more structured.  We don't have the freedom of "unschooling" here like we did in Wisconsin.  (Not that we were really unschooling, we were more decompressing from the rigid cycle of school) ...

So there are some big changes coming up.  We are moving into our own place in about a week.  We'll be setting up our school area, and we'll be making a plan.  I have already been seeking out the local homeschooling groups and trying to get contacts around here.  We've marked our calenders with the great programs and events the library is throwing this summer along with the great reading program :) 

We are excited and it'll be nice to get back to working on this blog :)

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Leah said...

Hi again. Looking forward to hearing about what you do with your homeschooling. I'm following here too :)