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Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Hermit Crab Story: RIP Max ... The Story begins for Max II

The Hermit Crab Story so far ....  

We ended up losing Max (the first) on May 15th.

On the 14th he ended up losing limbs and on the 15th lost more, and eventually by the time we got home, he wasn't with us anymore.

I want to state for the record, the following picture was taken AFTER he lost the first two limbs, but before he died :(

So luckily we managed to have the warranty and it was still in the time frame, so we took Kaedyn to pick out another crab.  He ended up naming him Max II (the second) ...

The lady at the register at the pet store was funny.  We put Max in a cup, took him in there, and I started explaining how I had called earlier and talked to someone and the whole thing...  and I showed her the cup, and I said "This is Max" ... and Kaedyn pipes up ... "He's DEAD!"

Yep, that's my kid!

So she calls some guy (I think the manager?) and she lifts up the cup and says "This is Max, this little handsome guy needs a new Max."


So he took us back to the hermit crab cage and we were looking at all the shells and stuff...  and I saw this green one with spikes on it hiding, so I pointed, explained, and said I think he would like that one a lot.  He pulls it out (after having to box with another ...) and Kaedyn sees that it's a green turtle shell and he got all excited.  So ...  Max II was named immediately.  "That's my new Max!"

I also want to say that I was a bit disturbed by seeing a naked hermie....  I'm scarred for life.   I hope he was just changing shells :(

It was bad enough watching Max loose limbs :(

So anyway - here is the introduction for Max II ...

Dennis says that he's a ham already .....

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