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Friday, May 17, 2013

Some Freebie Links!

I swiped these from Christine over at Our Home School Review ....  go check out her blog :)  I'm going through her Thrift Thursday posts and I want to share some of the links I've really liked!

FREE Science Experiment Guide {$25 Value} @ Supercharged Science

FREE Online Homeschooling Workshop {TODAY ONLY} @ How to Homeschool My Child

FREE Printables @ Hearts and Trees 

FREE Complete Curriculum @ Easy Peasy - All In One Homeschool

FREE Butterfly Preschool Printables @ Homeschooling Hearts & Minds

FREE Summer Learning Packet @ A Journey Through Learning Lapbooks

FREE Homeschool Planners, Forms, and More @ Free Homeschool Deals

FREE Children's Classic Literature on Kindle @ Amazon

FREE Subscriber Only History Unit Study {Heroines of the Past} @ Homeschool Giveaways and Freebies

I checked out the Science Experiment Guide, you sign up for an email, the email has a link to a PDF file (I added the link to the side bar under Science) ... and she also sends a link for her FREE Science Class.  The next one (on the 21st) is to make a solar oven.  I have fallen in love with the All in One Homeschool site!

So I started to look through the older links....

Math Printables 

Free Multiplication Worksheets and Cards

This is really put together well and we're going to be using these for sure!!

Free Homeschool Lessons at Kahn Academy

Kahn Academy has over 2,000 educational videos on subject from math to history.  ALL FREE!  And if you use Singapore Math, you will be excited to learn that they are starting with Grade 3a, Unit 1 and will (eventually) do all of the lectures in the Singapore Math curriculum!!  Just scroll down to "S". 

I love this one too!!  Pretty awesome!

Disguise Kit for Kids

Get you free disguise kit for kids printout.  Very cute!

This is a pretty cute set - Here is a screen caption of it :)

She has a lot of great freebie links - definitely worth checking out :)

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