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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Horton Hatches an Egg by Dr. Seuss

Today Noah listened to HORTON HATCHES AN EGG by Dr. Seuss ....

This is a video of her grandma reading the book for her grandchildren .... Noah liked this one better because he could see the book.

 There is one of the First Lady reading it HERE and an audio version HERE.

He answered the following questions:

What did you think of Horton?

He sat on the eggs - he is a boy of many words!

What did you think of Maisy?

She was lazy!

What did you think of what came out of the egg?

An Elephant Bird... it was funny

Why do you think it came out an Elephant Bird?

Because Horton sat on it for 51 weeks and it was an elephant because of that and a bird cuz Maisy was the Momma.

He drew a picture of Horton and the eggs, and Maisy.

Then we did some math games and some spelling games.

And then we did an art/science activity ...

We cut out shapes on construction paper, and put them against the window.   Noah's prediction.

The paper exposed to the sunlight will burn, and the paper not exposed won't.  He also predicted this would take ONE DAY. 

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