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Monday, May 13, 2013

The Hermit Crab Story..... (part 1)

So if you haven't seen our INTRODUCTION to the Hermies ... please go check out that blog.

I had already written this blog once, however; I deleted it.  Yep... it's been one of those days....  PURE accident, I was TRYING to delete the blog I had started above it, but ... whoops!

So anyway - We had found this great page with a lot of Hermit Crab information.  Hermit Crab Association.  They have a forum too for Hermit Crab people :)

Well, we left the Hermies along for awhile after we got them, and then we took their first pictures.  Although they weren't named - completely - until just recently.

So I wanted to show off their painted shells ....  Sansa has already changed her shell and I included both.

However, I think we might be losing Max.  They dumped out their big shell of salt water, and the sand was super wet, so I didn't get a chance to take care of it right away, and today when we got home, Max had lost two legs, including his big claw :(   I'm worried.  Max has always been a very quiet crab.  He's always been the hardest to cox out of his shell.  Gandalf and Paco are the most friendly.  Sansa is getting to be more friendly.  Max has always been a loner.  Wants to be left alone. Of course he was in the middle of this wet sand, I'm hoping that he survives.  I'll share more on this later.

We'll be sure to update.

So here are their shells ... thus forth ...

We also spent some time trying to figure out what species they are.  We thought they were all one species, but learned they are not.

This is what we learned that they are...

We have found a few great links for some Hermit Crab work.

Anatomy of a Hermit Crab
Create Your Own Informational Booklets
Create Your Own List of Care Instructions
Hermit Crab Vocabulary

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