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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Some Free Summer Reading Programs!

There is nothing that I love more than allowing myself to completely get lost in a book.  I have my favorites.  Perhaps because of whom gave them to me.  My Grandmother gave me the books Little Women and the Anne of Green Gables series for two different birthdays.  To this day - more than twenty years later, they happen to be some of my favorite books.  I also love the movies!  But you have to read the books before seeing movies - because it's just better that way.

If you FB Friend me - you'll find that I post a lot of "reading" and "book" graphics.  If I could build my own house, I would have a room with bookshelves on every wall, one of those ladders that spins around the room, deep carpet that your toes could sink into, a fireplace, and a bay window or window seat - and a rounded tower type area.  That would be my library.

So of course, my love for reading HAS to rub off on my kids, right?   Well.... thankfully... it has!  We're beating Dysgraphia and Dyslexia one book at a time!!

So of course - why not get involved in some great summer reading programs???

Top 10 FREE Summer Reading Programs
  1. Barnes and Noble – earn a FREE book when you read 8 books this summer
  2. Half Price Books – earn bucks to cash in
  3. Showcase Cinemas Bookworm – bring a book report on Wednesdays for a FREE movie
  4. Sylvan – offers prizes for taking book quizes and this program is always available
  5. Pizza Hut - Book It Program offers tips and printables, too
  6. Chuck E Cheese - complete the reading reward chart and receive 10 FREE tokens
  7. Scholastic – earn digital rewards
  8. Pottery Barn – children will receive a reward after they read all the books on the list
  9. PBS Kids - games, printables, and challenge, starts June 17th- , 4 weeks
  10. American Girl – has lessons and book suggestions

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