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Saturday, May 23, 2009

We went to the library ...

We went to the library today, honestly - it was the first time I set foot in there, in YEARS. I remember why. I always seem to have a young child who is not happy in there and it's loud, and the library echos.

We got Dennis, Nathan & Kaedyn's library cards. Mine, Cal & Noah's are all basically out of service, I have to find them - and check them (to see if I have any fines - just incase.)

We got there, Dennis immediately went for the cook books, and I went for the homeschooling ones, however the kids started to whine right away "where are the kids books?"

Well at our library, the kids section is getting a remodel so they have temporarily been moved to the basement into one of the meeting rooms - and it's hard to get to. So I took Nathan out of the stroller and then took the older two down. Nathan had a blast and just walked around and around and around. He did - however, go out in the hall and beat his head against the glass case holding beanie babies.

But when I handed him a book of Backyardigans - he carried that around and around with him, going on each sitting surface and looking at it. It was adorable to watch. He loves books. I found a bunch of Blues Clues ones and then helped the older boys find things of interest. Cal got a car book (of course), a "how to fix and trouble shoot laptops" book, and 2 computer games. Noah got two movies, and some pirate books, and he (for whatever reason) grabbed a book on camping and activites to do.

Anyway - here are the homeschooling books I got. (So far I am LOVING these first two!)

I will be sharing what I find useful out of these books, of course... and I highly recommend the book in the first picture ... THE HOMESCHOOLER'S BOOK OF LISTS ... it is AWESOME!! These are (almost) all the books picked up by everyone today... LOL


Joi said...

My children love the library. They love getting on the computers. My daughter loves to go through the adult cookbook section. Her current favorite is America Test Kitchen's Baking Book. I think that she has around 20 recipes that she wants to make.

Real-Life Homeschooling is one of my favorite homeschooling books.

Liese said...

Awesome book choices, we have issues too, here are some more I'd recommend:

Enriching the brain : how to maximize every learner's potential / Eric Jensen

When the brain can't hear : unraveling the mystery of auditory processing disorder / Teri James Bellis


Things We Wish We'd Known
Bill Waring and Diane Waring

Homeschool Your Child for Free: More Than 1,200 Smart, Effective, and Practical Resources for Home Education on the Internet and Beyond LauraMaery Gold & Joan M. Zielinski

How to Write a Low-cost/No-cost Curriculum for Your Home-school Child Borg Hendrickson

Home schooling children with special needs
Hensley, Sharon C

The librarian will be your best friend in the homeschool journey! Also get in a HS group, that really helps.

Here are a few posts on my blog about HS'ing: