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Friday, August 10, 2012

Homemade Bouncy Balls

So the boys made some "bouncy balls" by hand...  

This is the cheap kit we found.......  (keyword CHEAP)

Directions on the back....
We helped the kids put their "crystals" in the mold....
Then they had to soak in water for some time....

After that - we broke them out of the molds and trimmed them if they needed it ... this one is Noah's
Noah's ball
Kaedyn's Ball

Nathan's ball
Noah's Ball
Nathan's Ball
Kaedyn's Ball
Then they had to dry for 24 hours .........   after that time, we pulled them down ...

Here is Noah's ball
 Kaedyn's ball
 Nate's Ball
 Noah with his ball
 Kaedyn with his ball
 Nathan with his ball

We thought these would be great balls - bouncy and all that ...  nope, they didn't really bounce at all.  It was a fail - but it was fun!

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