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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Crafts We Did

Here are a couple of the Halloween Crafts we did...

 We drew pumpkin type faces on cleaned out jars and put candles on them....

 We drew pumpkin type faces on milk containers and then cut holes in the back of them, and put lights in there ... we used white, but orange would be amazing...   we colored the caps black too...

Eyes in the bushes
 We took empty toilet paper rolls, cut "eyes" into them.  Put duct tape on one end, and when we were ready to use it... we activated glow sticks, stuck them in the middle and then covered the uncovered end with duct tape so that the glow sticks wouldn't emit light out of the ends ....  and put them in bushes - then it looked like eyes were looking at you from the bushes.. 

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