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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Assignments #3 & #4 ...*Complete*

 Calahan has previously done 2 Assignments for his blog.  

Today he gets 2 more....

Assignment #3 is a question I had prepared him for but hadn't officially "posted" ... 

Name 7 Things You Enjoy Doing and WHAT you LEARN from it

Calahan's Blog - Assignment #3

Assignment #4

A Series of 4 Blogs (one per day) on your Trip to South Dakota...  keep in mind 3 key questions....... 
* Where did you go?
* What did you do?
* What did you learn
Calahan's Blog - Day 1
Calahan's Blog - Day 2
Calahan's Blog - Day 3
Calahan's Blog - Day 4

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