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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Cooking 101 - Pies & Cookies

Daddy, Calahan & Noah put on their aprons (note to self, by more "manly" aprons .. ha ha ha) ...  I thought penguins were great!  The one Dennis is wearing is the one Calahan made for me one Mother's Day :)

So the plan for the day....  making some Pig Ear Cookies (it's just a name people) and Chocolate Silk Pie  ...

We made them from scratch.  (Great thing about having Dad in Culinary School!) ...  First him and Cal started to make the filling for the pie... 

Noah is so silly...  he was waiting for his turn to do something, the graham crackers sitting there is for the home made graham cracker crust...

Here is Noah cutting cookies with Daddy
 Pie half done  (a smaller pie in a bowl was made for Noah)
Looks yummy doesn't it?  Dennis then gave Cal a bottle with chocolate syrup in it, told him he got to decorate his pie...  told him he could do lines, swirls, or write something....  so...
He wrote "DAD" ...  now this is a BIG thing ... Dennis is Calahan and Noah's step-dad for those who don't know and Calahan doesn't normally call Dennis "Dad" even though Noah calls Dennis both "Dennis" and "Daddy" ..  it has always been left up to them what they want to call Dennis BUT we make it a point that they always respect their Dad too...  so it was a proud moment.

Here he's piping the topping onto Noah's bowl Pie

Here is Noah with his chocolate decorating! LOL...  He is going
and keeps going until he RUNS OUT
 Proud Moments
The cookies are done too!!
The best part of baking ...... eating the evidence!!
Even Kaedyn got into the fun (Nathan was sleeping)


A Flowered Purse said...

why did you have to post food pics the day i restart my diet. Gah now i want pie. Thanks argh. Looks good tho : /


What fun, Making pies and cookies... Kaedyn is getting big. What great pics:)