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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Three Questions.... to start...

I found a website Design*Your*Homeschool.com ... it's geared towards families who are starting out homeschooling (and maybe for those who are not) ...

They suggest you answer these questions first:

What sort of individuals are we raising?
What are we raising them for?
What is the purpose of education?

What sort of individuals are we raising? These are hard questions! I wonder if they has specific answers in their minds when they created these questions? Course that's just me, I often wonder a lot before answering.

We are raising smart children who have some challenges in life and health. Things that they will have to face when they are older, things that may break them down now and make life more difficult. We are raising children who are fighters, 100% ... they are wonderful children and I am blessed to have them in my life.

So ... Calahan, I want him to grow up into a wonderful man. One who is compassionate, hard working, true to himself and who follows the path he needs to. I want him to pursue his dreams - if it be working with Orcas or following his heart with Art. I want him to stay off the path his Dad followed and realize the things he needs to change before making a wrong turn. Course what parent doesn't want that? He is an amazing child, who struggles a lot right now. He knows what his dreams are, and he has been passionate about it from the moment most children wish-washy around on "what they want to do when they grow up" ... Noah, I mainly just want to see him grow up and find happiness. He's struggled so much with health issues it makes me hurt inside thinking about everything he's been through, equally, it makes me proud. He's a fighter and a miracle! His current dream is to be a police officer, we'll see how long this sticks. This on the heels of a long line of .. I want to be a puppy, a power ranger, LOL... Seriously though, I want to help him grow up to be everything he can be - whatever that may be. He is such a smart kid deep down, I want to help raise that out of him. Both Nathan and Kaedyn are to little to really know, or even guess, what direction their life may take. Right now Nathan is struggling so bad with his hearing that speech is the BIGGEST issue and going in for the autism testing next month. I'm not looking forward to it, but I really wonder if my suspicion is correct. Mainly, with Nathan and Kaedyn, I just want to help guide them into discovering what their "dream" is and helping them realize that with hard work anything is in reach.

The purpose of education is to feed the mind and soul with the love of knowledge. There are so many exciting and fun facts and puzzles out there to figure out. If it be a great book that lets you fly on the back of a dragon or fight down the big giant one handed in a way that never thought possible... to the great numbers puzzle (math) or the ultimate "how does this work?" Science question. There are so many things I want to help and watch my children learn and discover. The greatest wonder of excitement over the "WOW" factor, when something clicks for them and they understand. Education is the most rewarding , in itself, feeling around.

Those probably aren't exactly the type of answers being sought, however - they are mine. They work for us I guess.

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